Homes and Designs That Thrill Us

This page is for your pure enjoyment; a collection of delectable homes, design ideas, creative masterpieces and clever, eclectic new takes that make the home addicts at Barkley & Associates swoon...and this will help you get a sense of our tastes. Enjoy! And, if you think your home is a contender, please submit a photo!

We promise our services are a bit more down to Earth.

Aspen, Colorado. The interior is breathtaking, too:

Another dream home - check out Bootjack Ranch - brings to mind the saying about people in glass houses:


We just like this. Somebody got clever in the Eco-repurposing sort of way and made a sweet address placard out of bones - love it:

Don't know exactly where this home is but it sure is saaaaweeet (even at night.)

And then there's this absolutely amazing Steampunk building...get Jules Verne on the phone, quick!

Furniture for the split-personality:

Nice coffee table - too bad it's not housebroken:

Get ready for a triple-take; how does it stand?:

Somebody had a great idea for their closet organizer - old dressers and cupboards, freed from yard sales, salvaged from junk and installed together. The monochromatic color makes it feel like one unit. A less expensive and killer way to re-imagine your storage: