Barkley & Associates and Integrated Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is an important legal and financial transaction and it is also a significant life transition.  We're committed to supporting both aspects, so we have
created a holistic style of services we call integrated real estate. 

We are up to speed with the most recent developments in the real estate industry. We offer energy, dedication and efficiency. We always put our clients first and strive to be a resource for advocacy, information and support. We are tech nerds and capable graphic artists. All cylinders are firing - we're all about gathering facts and information AND using empathy and intuition. We always question "known facts" to obtain a better understanding of what's what...and driver's seat therapy is available as needed.

A testament to the effectiveness of our approach is that for twenty years, 95% of our work has been by referral.  We are always pleased to work with new clients that our wonderful past clients send to us.

Buying and selling a home can be extremely stressful for anyone. Buyers want to know that they are choosing the right property; sellers want a smooth sale.  Both want to feel that they bought or sold at a good price.  For both, the intricacies of negotiations, inspections, easements and title reports can be overwhelming, and we can offer explanations of technical or legal language in language that people can understand. We can also help clients unravel the emotional and mental confusion that can occur in the midst of such a big decision. 

We believe communication is the key to success in our professional as well as our personal lives. As your agents, you may rely on the fact that we will always act with integrity and accountability. And, we are really good listeners and we've been told we have an excellent sense of humor (and we only believe the good publicity.)

Years ago we realized that in order to feel good about ourselves in this work, we needed to help people choose what will be best for them, regardless of the impact on our commissions.  There have been many occasions when we have advised people that it might not be wise for them to buy or sell a particular property or at that particular time.  We believe that our success depends on our clients’ trust.

As your agents we will:

  • Hear and understand your wish list
  • Provide clarity during the sale or marketing and escrow processes
  • Aid you in defining and achieving your goals
  • Present every possibility
  • Make your satisfaction my highest priority
  • Provide ongoing and up-to-the-minute information
  • Act with integrity at all times
  • Tell you the facts, even the ones you may not want to hear
  • Answer your questions and get the answers we do not know

Selling Your Home

We have listed and sold many homes. We make sure that your home gains maximum exposure and is easily found on the internet, which is really where most homes are first viewed. We are excellent at meeting and greeting agents and prospective buyers with valuable information and good manners - what can we say - our parents did a good job.

The truth is, part of being a great Realtor is about being well known and connected in the local community. We have both lived in the area for several decades and have deep and well established bonds with our friends, colleagues and neighbors. Listing a home with us is more than just about advertising and the traditional route; the Barkley & Associates brand is recognized and our reputation for intelligence, affability and quality of service is well respected - and the power of local-word-of-mouth is yours when you list with us.

Our extended team includes stagers, handymen, inspectors, and support service persons with whom we have developed strong relationships over many years, and who will work with us if needed to make sure your home is putting its best foot forward in this challenging market.

Buyer Advocacy

We are committed to helping Buyers from an advocacy standpoint. We listen closely to what you want and dig deep into the listings in the area to uncover the properties with potential. To be clear, we present all available and appropriate opportunities - not just our own listings. In fact, 99% of our sales with Buyers are with the listings of other brokerages.

Once in escrow, we call upon our vast resources to thoroughly inspect, uncover and discover all available information for the subject property. At all times, we have our Buyers' best interests in mind and will "un-sell" a home if we feel it is best.

We are effective negotiators and communicators, with an established reputation for efficiency, manners and integrity and we have established ourselves solidly in our area's real estate community. We have helped many Buyers over the years find their dream homes and we are experts at navigating and supporting our clients through the entire purchase process.